Weasley family freek
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    Weasley family freek

■  Weasley family freek 【 ウィーズリー一家同盟 】

this alliance Weasleyfamilyfreek alias and a WIZURI family alliance are alliances for those whom the WIZURI family who appears in Harry Potter of overseas children's books likes.Overseas one should also participate freely by all means.

管理人 ⇒ 六条ハル

■  The participating method 【 参加方法 】

Please write a participating matter in the following automatic registration list of names. Since it is automatic, although the abandonment state of the management is carried out, please stop the act which manners have not become.

  自動登録名簿 / List of names
・ リンクは( http://aventura.fc2web.com/z04.html )にお願いします。
・ アイコンなんかも有ります。お好きにぺたぺたと、直リンクは禁止です。

   長男◆ビル 次男◆チャーリー 三男◆パーシー 四・五男◆フレッド&ジョージ 六男◆ロン 末っ子◆ジニー

   長男◆ビル 次男◆チャーリー 三男◆パーシー 四・五男◆フレッド&ジョージ 六男◆ロン 末っ子◆ジニー all◆赤毛

■  Activity 【 活動 】

Now, when I participate in an alliance, you are the pleasant friends who already love splendid red hair. The what relations loves the same people should improve. To this site, the bulletin board for exchange was prepared for the exchange purpose. Please write in freely after protecting manners. You are praying that the world can be extended with sufficient relations.

  お絵描き掲示板 / paint board
  文字書き掲示板 / Text board



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